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Related Articles:

First way is using of the related articles when publish the whole knowledge base. When visitor browses the knowledge base and reads some article, he sees articles that are related to this one. He may open one of the related articles and see information on the corresponding topic.

Related Articles:

Another way is using Auto Related Widget. Auto Related Widget consists from one block with related articles only. After you include this block on your website page, it will analyze the page contents and suggest knowledgebase articles in accordance with topics related with them.

When designed well, sidebars can effectively increase content discoverability. If you want people to notice related links featured in the right side of the page, the right rail must be devoid of any promotional-looking visual elements. Position links to content away from the banner ads to avoid "guilt by association" and to fight against right-rail blindness.

The heading label you choose for related links can affect whether or not people scan them. Category headings should help readers differentiate the topics and determine relevancy. Relevant and descriptive categories provide good information scent and help readers quickly identify topics.

Using related links is a great strategy for keeping people on your site and earning loyalty. Sites that offer useful suggestions encourage people to interact with them and to come back repeatedly. Maintain the conversation by ensuring that related links are written well and presented so that they get noticed.

The RelatedArticles extension adds a parser function to your wikitext that allows associating related articles with your article. It shows related pages as a list of articles and their descriptions at the bottom of a page on desktop and mobile. The extension is also smart enough to get the list of related articles using the morelike feature of CirrusSearch.

If you use something other than w/api.php for your API, and related pages is not showing, check for any bad requests in your browser network tab. If necessary, the API used to obtain related articles is configurable with $wgRelatedArticlesUseCirrusSearchApiUrl

Once installed, related articles will be determined algorithmically based on Cirrus Search if available with no additional steps. Alternatively, you can disable this functionality ($wgRelatedArticlesUseCirrusSearch) and manually add related articles like so:

If you've added the Related Articles template to your article template globally, sometimes it's useful to be able to hide it from specific individual articles. For example, maybe you are using automatically suggested related articles overall, but this particular article, the suggestions don't make sense (perhaps this article contains your company W9 and everything it's suggesting as related is product documentation, for example).

Adding related post links to your blog posts is a great way to engage readers and help them explore your content. You can create this look using summary blocks. On version 7.0, some blog-focused templates have built-in features for creating related posts links.

Summary blocks filter and present content on your site in a magazine-style layout. To generate related posts, first add a specific category or tag to the blog posts you want to display under related posts. Then, add a summary block to your blog post.

Following the schedule change on August 2, we will no longer publish the occupancy data forecast. BART and all Bay Area transit are no longer subject to state physical distancing requirements and capacity restrictions. The return to near-regular service with expanded hours and 15 minutes headways offers more options for riders to spread out. We started sharing the charts in June 2020 and we applied for a COVID-19 related federal grant to get this data into our online and app-based trip planning tools, but we didn't get the grant. We kept the charts low-tech and accessible using the tools immediately available. We still find value in sharing occupancy data forecasts, and we will continue to explore funding opportunities. Our BART Wireless Technology project and our new Fleet of the Future trains will enable real time occupancy capabilities in the coming years and staff is already brainstorming possibilities.

This letter was sent to Senate Leadership requesting $32-36 billion in additional funding for the public transportation industry to coverCOVID-related costs and revenue losses through 2021. Statewide, the California Transit Association says local public transit agencies need $3.1 Billion in emergency funding to prevent devastating permanent cuts that would cause many underserved communities to suffer disproportionate economic and social impacts. At BART, we project the pandemic and resulting economic recession will cut our revenue by $975 Million in the next 3 years (through FY22).

BART has been awarded a grant from Smart Growth America to participate in the Arts & Transportation Rapid Response initiative. Out of almost 200 applications, BART's proposal was one of five selected. The projects selected seeks to address COVID-related transportation challenges and systemic inequities and do so in unique, creative ways, with the support of local artists.

For public transportation agencies, a fuller picture has now emerged of the depth and breadth of COVID-19-fueled revenue losses from dedicated transportation revenue streams, such as farebox, sales taxes, motor fuel taxes, tolls, mortgage-related taxes and other user fees. All funding sources, including those from our supporting localities, that our systems rely upon are taking massive hits as a result of COVID-19, shelter-in-place orders, and the general economic downturn. Our systems will not be able to support the regions we serve without replenishing those losses. Our regions cannot recover without public transportation, and the nation cannot recover without resurgent economies in our regions.Revenue replenishment is our most immediate need in combination with substantial investment in transportation infrastructure to facilitate community recovery while maintaining employment."

We are also sharing this fact sheet (Fact sheet was updated on 3/22 click here to view latest version) about the financial impact of the pandemic and shelter in place orders. Last week letters were sent local, state, and federal officials about securing COVID-19 related emergency funds.

There are several types of internal links. In addition to links on your homepage, menu, post feed, etc, you can also add links within your content. We call those contextual links. Contextual links point your users to interesting and related content. Moreover, they allow search engines to find out what content on your site is related and determine its value. The more links a significant page receives, the more important it will seem to search engines. Therefore, good internal links are crucial to your SEO.

03/06/2021 - On 29 March 2021, as part of the ongoing work of the OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on BEPS, the OECD secretariat invited public comments on proposed changes to the commentaries on Article 9 and related articles of the OECD Model Tax Convention. The OECD is grateful to commentators for their input and now publishes the comments received.

Age sometimes brings changes that weaken your vision and eyes, but you can do certain things to maintain lifelong eye and overall health. The solution may be as simple as using brighter lights around the house to help prevent accidents caused by weak eyesight or seeing your doctor more frequently to screen for age-related diseases.

Retinal disorders are a leading cause of blindness in the United States and in other developed countries. The retina is a thin lining on the back of the eye made up of cells that detect visual images and pass them on to the brain. Retinal disorders interrupt this transfer of images. Common ones include age-related macular degeneration, diabetes-related retinopathy, and retinal detachment.

This disorder is a complication of diabetes. It occurs when small blood vessels stop feeding the retina properly. In the early stages of diabetes-related retinopathy, the blood vessels may leak fluid, causing blurred vision or no symptoms at all. As the disease advances, you may notice floaters, blind spots or cloudiness of vision. New blood vessels may grow and bleed into the center of the eye, causing serious vision loss or blindness.

Whether or not you have an age-related sight condition, there are simple things you can do to improve your vision and maintain good eye health. See your eye doctor regularly for comprehensive eye exams and take special precautions if you have diabetes or a family history of eye disease.

It is important that suppliers review the actual LCD, the related Policy Article, and the Standard Documentation Requirements (SDR) article to be sure to have all of the relevant information necessary and applicable to the item(s) provided.

Note: The information in this document supersedes the material currently contained in all LCDs and related policy articles. Where there are differences between the policies and this article, this document shall take precedence.

In addition to the general requirements discussed above, certain DMEPOS items may have specific documentation requirements. Details regarding these policy specific requirements are contained in the applicable LCD-related Policy Article.

For some items, the initial justification for medical need establishes that the condition necessitating the item is permanent. As a result, once the benefit category is met (or continues to be met), ongoing documentation of medical need is not required. Refer to the LCD-related Policy Articles for clarification regarding exceptions to ongoing justification for continued medical need.

Correct HCPCS coding is a determination that the item provided to a beneficiary is billed using the appropriate HCPCS code for that item. Suppliers are required to correctly code for the item billed. An item/service is correctly coded when it meets all the coding guidelines listed in CMS HCPCS guidelines, LCDs, LCD-related Policy Articles, or DME MAC articles. 041b061a72


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