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Hard Times At Sequoia State Park Free Download

Are you a fourth-grade student? If so, you and your family get free access to hundreds of parks, lands, and waters for an entire year, including Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. To obtain a pass, fourth grade students can visit the bilingual Every Kid Outdoors website, participate in a short educational activity, and then download a paper voucher to print and bring with them to visit the parks. With the fourth-grader, the pass admits all children under 16 and all adults in up to one passenger vehicle. Commercial vehicles can't use a pass to get in and the pass does not cover camping and activity fees. Be sure to visit Every Kid Outdoors and print your pass before you arrive.

Hard Times at Sequoia State Park Free Download

When it begins to snow, sequoia groves are snowy, peaceful, and cold, and rangers offer free outdoor activities. The timing of our snowfall varies widely and can be difficult to predict. Tire chains can be required along park roads at any time. In the foothills, temperatures are cool and ideal for hiking. Hillsides are green and decked with wildflowers starting as early as January. Solitude is abundant. 041b061a72


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