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First, my point was that you cannot verify that any of those people actually saw the movie, or that the majority did or did not. THey could be Chris Nolan fans, or Anne Hathaway fans, etc. This is a universal issue with online polls. True, my one score did not affect the overall rating (because there were already so many). Since you cannot verify the authenticity of the rating itself, it makes it unreliable. Just because someone else wants to report unreliable information does not mean that we should. I agree, you cannot prove that someone coming out of the theater actually watched the movie, but since they engage them in a dialogue when they poll, I'll just assume that they weed out any viewers who clearly didn't pay attention. Either way, it's a more accurate representation of audience opinion. There is no need to use RT's user ratings, when a more accurate and reliable rating from CinemaScore is available. It adds nothing beyond, "this is what people at RT voted". It's not a real rating. It isn't measured by any sort of real qualitative data. As for my voting, IPs are variable, but they don't change for a particular location (unless you specifically set up a dynamic address). IP addresses are assigned to specific devices (e.g., modems). Most homes do not set up dynamic IPs, they set up static ones. Businesses will set up dynamic IPs to reduce the workload. That said, if I log out of Wikipedia and edit, they can still tell it came from the same computer that edits under the screen name "Bignole" by cross referencing the IP address tagged with that name and the one editing. That's why anon editors are defaulted to their IP address and you can track them on here. This is how we track sock accounts on Wikipedia, but running tracers. Regardless, because we're not here to discuss IP addresses, I was logged into RT when I made my votes, and I refreshed the screen to see if the overall numbers changed (which they did). Just FYI. I've said my peace, and it appears pretty clear that there is no consensus to use ratings like RT or MC. BIGNOLE (Contact me) 07:41, 3 December 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

HD Online Player (hollywood movie 300 part 2 download hindi)



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