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If you can get one free strand in the fiber, a multichannel fiber mux-demux link would probably be your best choice (for an example, look at the American Fibertek MT440C/RT440C set) _site/products/B-Multichannel%20Video/2-Four%20Channel/404C%20&%20440C.pdf .

acti acd 2100 pdf free

Poking around, I've found encoder/decoder units from Bosch, and others, but I haven't come across any "universal" decoders, there are just too many differences between IP cameras, and not enough market demand, to have made it attractive to manufacturers.

I think you'll find most encoders only work with the same brand IP cams - as hardwired notes, there are too many variations in IP cam streams that a decoder would have to accept and decode, that it would be impractical.

It's an inherently niche market to begin with: decoding a megapixel cam to an analog feed is pointless as you loose the resolution, so you're already limited to using decoders with SD IP cameras... and those are a very small market because the added cost of IP vs. analog is attractive only in limited circumstances.


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