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Refog Employee Monitor 7.3 Full Crack Mediafire

Improve employee performance and enforce your security policies by installing employee monitoring software.Do all your employees use their computer resources and Internet connection solely for your business?Refog Employee Monitor intercepts and records keystrokes, tracks open applications and files being used, logs chats and conversations in all popular instant messengers, records all visited Web sites and resources, and takes periodic screen shots of your employees' workstations to better illustrate their activities.

Refog Employee Monitor 7.3 Full Crack Mediafire

It's up to you whether to inform your employees of the new security system. The available invisible mode allows for completely stealth operation, while optional password protection prevents attempts to disable, circumvent, or uninstall Refog Employee Monitor.While running in invisible mode, Refog Employee Monitor is impossible to detect, and is completely hidden from anyone without the right password. Refog Employee Monitor is easy to learn and to use. It is simple to track all or select applications, files, or Web resources.Chats and conversations in instant messengers such as AIM, ICQ or MSN Messenger are laid out conveniently in the form of dialogues grouped by contacts. You don't need to receive any training in security or surveillance in order to use Refog Employee Monitor, and no special hardware is required.Refog Employee Monitor helps managers provide instant feedback to employees by sending real-time email alerts on certain activities. Security officers can trace, investigate and prevent leaks of sensitive information by setting up interception of trigger key words and receiving instant alerts if they are typed.This application is unobtrusive and will be invisible to your employees. Refog employee monitoring software is used by numerous businesses all over the world, helping businesses discipline employees and improve their performance. Try Refog Employee Monitor and improve your bottom line without wiring an expensive video surveillance system!Here are some key features of "REFOG Employee Monitor":- Run in hidden mode- Screenshots- Delivery via E-mail- Delivery via FTP- Alarms- Application Filters- Real-Time Remote Monitoring


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