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Nicholas Gonzalez
Nicholas Gonzalez

1st Studio - NK-MSH-008 Veronika

The career design lab hosted a pitch competition in the fall 2017 semester and 20 SPS student won a new, innovative branding tool to help them with their search to land a career or internship the Video Business Card (VBC). This tool allows the winners an opportunity to record a short video about themselves, summarizing their education and relevant experience, skills, and career goals. Red Ivy Studios has offered to coach these students one-on-one and film them on campus telling their story. The video link allows for a unique opportunity to elevate brand and digital identity on resumes, cover letters, and social media platforms. Ten of these special winners will be filming today. Stop by to see them in action!

1st Studio - NK-MSH-008 Veronika

Ally, who is originally from Morgantown, West Virginia, arrived at the studio in 2012 as an intern. Though she now works as an Administration Assistant, Ally majored in Art Education at West Virginia University, where she helped teach hundreds of students throughout the state. As a way to stay in touch with her students and her favorite subjects, she taught art at high school and middle school. Ally is extremely passionate about art and enjoys helping to foster a loving and supportive art community in New York City. After graduation, she worked for a web development company in New York City, but decided that the idea of sitting in a cubicle for hours a day was not for her. So she went to work for the New York Studio, where she could explore her favorite subjects and remain close to her family.

The 1st Studio has been a vibrant and exciting place to work since its inception in 2005. The studio is housed in an apartment in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. It is a comfortable space with an office area adjacent to a living room and kitchen. A large open studio space is also available with five functional easels and a rolling cart for the use of students. Our highly skilled technical staff is committed to preserving the work created in the studio and is able to schedule appointments for our students to visit the studio and see their work stored in a climate controlled, state-of-the-art conservator space. We are conveniently located between Third and Lexington Streets on East 10th Street. During the summer we also offer studio workshops and artist talks, and have classes offered by artists in residence.


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