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Joker also hired the services of Edward Nashton, a master hacker with plans of his own for the city, and had him ideally situated within the GCPD thanks to his newly acquired connections throughout Gotham's infrastructure to work as the head of the Cyber Crime Division. Within his new position of power as an additional inside agent, Enigma used his resources and access privileges to take complete control of all the GCR Towers throughout Gotham in order to block Batman's auto-navigation trackers that were used for the Batwing and kept watch over the entire city. Enigma further added to the chaos by using his surveillance over the city to collect incriminating information on countless political individuals in Gotham, placing them all within extortion files that were hidden around the city, and blackmailed the individuals for money and power.

City of God I:Prison Empire-Plague- Download] [hack]


With the assistance of Oracle, who hacked into Dr. Young's accounts and operations while she was employed at the asylum, Batman was able to piece together the true scope of Joker's plans. Knowing that Dr. Young was experimenting on both Bane and Venom, as well as learning of her funding via one of Joker's oldest aliases, Jack White, and the subsequent threats he sent to the doctor and her family, Batman quickly deduced that Joker had intended the entire time to create an army of a thousand Banes, comprised mostly of his men transferred from Blackgate, via the use of the Titan strain, which came to fruition through his funding, manipulation, and eventual blackmail of Dr. Young and her staff, and destroy the entire city. The Dark Knight realized that Joker feigned surrender during the attack on the Mayor earlier in the night to ensure that Batman himself was on the island, where the villain would commence the riots, making it the perfect setup for a final showdown with his nemesis.


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