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William Mitchell
William Mitchell

Radio Log Sheet.epub [NEW]

In this paper, we examine the channel frequency response equalization under the existence of impulse noise of a high-speed radio wireless system. Thus, we progress, by means of Linear Minimum Mean Squares Error-Support Vector Regression (LMMSE-SVR), an outspread algorithm to estimate complex values of the selective channel from the transmitted pilot symbols and then perform equalization task. This process mixes initially the estimation at reference symbols, performs at data information signals the nonlinear interpolation and finally accomplishes channel equalization. Numerical simulations are established in terms of Mean Squares Error (MSE) as well as Bit Error rate (BER) performances for a Long Term Evolution system using a high level modulation scheme (64-QAM Qadrature Amplitude Modulation) under high speed mobility (350 Km/h) in the existence of impulsive noise.

Radio Log Sheet.epub

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