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Buy Kohler Products

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buy kohler products

The brand name Kohler is synonymous with the world's finest plumbing products in the world. From cutting-edge designs and the industry's most notable materials to flawless functionality, Kohler manufactures everything you need for the kitchen and bathroom, and it's all available at

Kohler's history of providing customers with amazing faucets and fixtures goes back over a century. Since then, the company has combined advanced technology with an artist's eye to create perfection. Today, Kohler offers products like kitchen faucets, kitchen sinks, kitchen accessories, bathroom sink faucets, bathroom sinks, bathroom accessories, toilets, bathtubs, everything for the tub and shower, vanities, medicine cabinets, and even bathroom lighting.

I had a similar problem with a Kohler faucet last year. One of my close friends is a plumber and we were both doing the work on my grandmothers rebuild after a fire. I bought an American Standard faucet that I liked and a kohler that I liked. The AS was a very good faucet, all brass guts, bolted down to the vanity top on both the cold and hot water sides, etc. The Kohler had plastic guts and only one bolt to attach to the vanity top, that was in the center. With only one, within a short period of time the faucet would loosen and rock when you turned one side on.

Kohler tubs are nice, the best are probably aquatic They are a company in Texas. They have expensive tubs, $6,000 but they also have regular soaking tubs and basic jet tubs that are more reasonable that compete against the kohler, AS, etc.

I don't know about Kohler products but HD carries American Standard which are specifically made for HD. I needed some parts for a toilet and American Standard said the model was only available at HD. Caveat emptor.

Kohler Co., founded in 1873 by John Michael Kohler, is an American manufacturing company based in Kohler, Wisconsin.[3] Kohler is best known for its plumbing products, but the company also manufactures furniture, cabinetry, tile, engines, and generators. Destination Kohler also owns various hospitality establishments in the United States and Scotland. In February 2017, Kohler Co. acquired UK-based Clarke Energy from the management team and ECI Partners,[4] a multinational specialist in the engineering, construction, installation and maintenance of engine-based power plants and is an authorized distributor of GE's reciprocating engines in 19 countries worldwide.[5]

Kohler Co. was co-founded in 1873 by Austrian immigrant John Michael Kohler and Charles Silberzahn with the purchase of the Sheboygan Union Iron and Steel Foundry from Kohler's father-in-law, Jacob Vollrath, for $5000.[6] Early products included cast iron and steel farm implements, castings for furniture factories, and ornamental iron pieces including cemetery crosses and settees. A breakthrough came in 1883 when John Michael applied enamel to a cast-iron horse trough to create the company's first bathtub. The company has been primarily in the plumbing business ever since and is known for its plumbing fixtures and faucets.

In the early 20th century, Kohler made drinking fountains with a "bubbling valve", from which water shot vertically. Eventually the entire fountain came to be known as a "bubbler" in the area in which Kohler products were sold.[7] The term bubbler is still used in a few areas of Wisconsin and some other areas of the United States.[8][9]

In 1984 Kohler acquired Sterling Faucet Company. The company was renamed as Sterling Plumbing Group Inc. The Sterling brand was integrated into Kohler family of products. Kohler later expanded the offering of Sterling products adding to the faucet line, shower doors, sinks, toilets, and other bathroom accessories.[10]

Kohler's bath and kitchen fixtures are available in American hardware and home improvement stores and from Kohler Kitchen and Bath distributors. Kohler still makes traditional cast iron bathtubs, one of the few United States manufacturers to do so. Besides residential products, Kohler manufactures a commercial line of bathroom fixtures. The company also does artistic custom work, such as hand-painted sinks and toilets. In 2015 Kohler was named by Builder magazine as the "most used" and "best quality" in the "Bath Accessories" category as well as the top spot for "brand familiarity", "most used" and "quality rating" in the "Bath Fixtures" and "Whirlpool Baths" categories.[19]

The Kohler Walk-In Bath Division designs, engineers and builds accessible bathtubs that are easier to enter than traditional bathtub models. The division specializes in bathing products for people with limited mobility or who are disabled. Founded in 2015, this specialty division sells its bathtubs through independent dealers across the United States.

Abby, the other thing to consider is customer service and whether or not you can return the item if something breaks and/or is damaged upon arrival. If you buy from a plumbing supply store, they will honor the warranty as a dealer of official Kohler products and will replace the whole faucet or parts, if necessary. If something goes wrong with the one on Amazon, you're stuck unless you have some sort of buyer's protection plan with your credit card. So saving the money in the short term might end up costing you in the long term.

Run and operated in partnership with West One Bathrooms Ltd, the showroom is created to serve the fast-growing segment of design professionals working on projects around the world and to offer consumers on-site product immersion, the new concept will make it easier than ever to experience and buy KOHLER products.

As Kohler company, Sterling uses KOHLER genuine parts in all of our products. Use the Product Wizard tool to find the part you need for your kitchen or bathroom, except for STERLING toilets and shower doors.

For a brand that has been in the market for more than a century now, you can completely trust it to meet all your plumbing needs. Be it toilets, faucets, or bathtubs, Kohler has got it all. But what appeals to us the most is the quality of their products. The brand puts equal effort in maintaining and improving product quality in accordance with present and future requirements.

At the same time, we also agree that Kohler might not be as famous as some of its American competitors, but there are still plenty of reasons why you should choose it over others. Plus, it has always been a forerunner in engineering products for the future. So, try a Kohler product today and decide for yourself.

Homesthetics is an online magazine and community focused on high-quality architecture, design and DIY in the home design, crafts and outdoor sphere. We research and try the best products, we find simple solutions to the most complicated problems out there and we serve them here, fresh, always ready for you.

Kohler is a household name when it comes to products for your home. Their 150-year history is lined with innovations in plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom, and their entry into the engine marketplace has only earned them more accolades.

Their 3.1 million Facebook likes and 268k Instagram followers check in for the newest information about modern designs, sleek products, and more. However, is this Manchester United partnered brand worthy of all that attention?

Well, it comes from over a century-and-a-half of experience with a bevy of products. The American company started in 1873 in Kohler, Wisconsin. They established themselves with their plumbing products like drinking fountains and bathtubs.

Kohler products look good but do not last as well the company does not stock parts for its specialty products after the line changes. I own a 2000 hatbox toilet from them and when the bumpers on the lid and sink started to split I wanted to get simple rubber parts that are made for the unit. They do not stock them anymore (8yrs old) and can only sell me a 1000 new lid. Lol. Never again will I ever buy their product. Go to Toto, or Dornbract for true quality...

I bought a Kohler recessed medicine cabinet on Amazon's website for a house remodel project. When my contractors opened the box today (a little less than 2 weeks outside of the return window), they said it was clearly a customer return. It was scratched and missing several parts. I called Kohler expecting to commit to never purchasing their products again.

I talked to their customer service rep, Virginia, who quickly apologized and resolved the issue without asking me to jump through hoops like other companies do (You know the type. "Even though we sent you a broken product, you will need to buy a shipping label and ship back the old product before we can ship out a new one and we will be pro-rating your refund or take 4 months to ship you a new item...") Because of this very positive interaction, I will gladly continue buying Kohler products knowing that they will resolve any issues I have without hassle. Kohler makes great products, and their customer service is just as good.

While the original functionality issues are a bummer, I'm grateful with Kohler's commitment to their customer and standing behind their products. I have had so many bad experiences that turned worse with bad customer service teams, but this is a bad product experience turned better with a good customer service team. I'll definitely be sticking with Kohler for future fixture purchases.

Bought two bathroom faucets 8 years ago at 500$ per unit. Handle on one froze up. Other handle keeps on getting loose. Kohler does not stand behind their products so I have to buy 2 new faucets. Will never buy Kohler product again.

They're an absolutely super company to do business with. Their customer service is the best I've seen!! Also, the tab on my kitchen sink, which alternates the water between a stream and a spray, broke. They sent me a new sprayer free of charge because I couldn't just buy the part (the "tab). Kohler will always be my first choice for faucets and sinks because of their excellent customer support and products. 041b061a72


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