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William Mitchell

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You can practice the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness based stress reduction online. It takes about 20 minutes to learn to do the practice of mindfulness. The instructions are on the website. The website has a mailing list that goes out to subscribers once or twice a week and each email includes a section on an upcoming topic. I need to keep an eye out for these emails. It is free and they are very well written, so I am not doubting their sincerity. If you are looking for a human teacher, there is no need to do this. You can still benefit from a teacher and then in person, meet a teacher who can prescribe techniques and people to help you practice on your own. It seems like a pretty good option.

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Another option is to learn from a MBSR teacher. There are some good MBSR instructors online. I can't recommend any particular ones. Although one of the reasons I learned mindfulness is to be able to relate to my patients, and it was even better having the guidance of a human personal trainer, I found that the value that I gained went beyond my personal experience. What I learned, and tried to learn from other teachers, was that mindfulness is a way of relating to life and learning the value of fully being present with each moment. So while learning mindfulness is best with a teacher or personal trainer to give personalised guidance, you can benefit from learning mindfulness from other sources as well. Some people find the texts and videos useful. I enjoyed doing the meditation practice of mindfulness when I had a teacher in person and did well when I read the books and downloaded the free audio files. They were helpful. I could think of some people online who might be better teachers than the ones I had though.


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