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well-being therapy is a short-term, well-being-enhancing psychotherapeutic approach. it is based on carol d. ryffs multi-dimensional model of psychological well-being, encompassing environmental mastery, personal growth, purpose in life, autonomy, self-acceptance and positive relations with others. its conceptual and technical issues are described. it could be applied as a relapse-preventive strategy in the residual phase of affective (mood and anxiety) disorders, as an extra ingredient of cognitive behavioral packages, in patients with affective disorders who failed to respond to standard pharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatments, in body image disorders and in psychosomatic medicine. the first validation studies appeared to be promising. the technique is in its preliminary stage of development and may undergo major changes in the subsequent years. it is hoped it may herald a new trend of psychotherapy research and practice in the current symptom-oriented settings.

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