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Blue Lock Episode 4 High Quality

For international audiences, Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series. The episode with English subtitles will be available an hour and a half after it airs in Japan. In the United States, the corresponding schedule on Saturday would be:

Blue Lock Episode 4


Team Z goes around and say their "weapons" and motto. However, Isagi isn't sure what to say, while Chigiri refuses to say his. The group determines that even if they know what the other is strong, if they still play like the last time, they won't win again. Isagi wonders if they can come up with a plan that lets everyone shines. Thinking about it, Kuon comes up with a plan, that would require their positions to rotate clockwise each few minutes, so everyone gets to be a striker.

Bachira's weapon is dribbling, a solo tactic, where he gets as far upfield as he can by himself. He passes two players, but two other face him. Ikki Niko also face him and seeing they are three now, Bachira passes. Seeing this, Isagi realizes that this was a tactic in which the third player would have stolen the ball and they have practiced it. Isagi states that their tactic is super aggressive and depends on their weapons, while their opponent is playing defensive and tries to neutralize their weapons. As they have many more weapons, Isagi believes that eventually one will work. 10 minutes pass and the team rotates with Kunigami becoming the striker, while Bachira and Kuon play behind him. Kunigami right away tells his wings to move up. As Kunigami's weapon is his left-footed mid-range shot, Isagi knows that he will run straight to the front line, where they need to give him the ball and he to try and shoot. They execute it perfectly, but Team Y manages to block the shot.

Isagi notices that the enemy team is playing only defensively and Okawa isn't even running. Kunigami gets another shot, but its blocked again. As Niko gets the ball, Okawa starts running and Isagi realizes what is going on. They weren't overhanging Team Y, but Team Y drew them onto them. With everyone in Team Z pulled a bit forward, Niko shoots a long pass for Okawa which leaves him alone against Iemon. Okawa then softly hits the ball, sending it above Iemon and scoring. As another 10 minutes pass, Team Z rotates again and Kuon takes the striker position with Kunigami and Raichi behind him. Kuon's weapon is jumping and he jumps and challenges the ball, winning it. While Kunigami wonders what to do, Niko steals the ball. Team Y then start passing between themselves in the defense, and Isagi realizes that since they are leading, they don't need to rush things.

The second half starts, but the game continues to be the same and Imamura is annoyed that they can't even get the ball. Before his 10 minutes run out, he presses up and thanks to that Gagamaru manages to steal the ball. Its Gagamaru's turn to be a striker now with Imamura and Naruhaya behind him. The Gagamaru formation requires that Isagi shoots an early cross into the space in front of the goal. As he does, Isagi feels he overdid it, but with his agility, Gagamaru manages to reach the ball and hits a header, but the goalkeeper blocks it. They get a corner, but Isagi has the awful feeling that this may turn into a disaster if the enemy gets the ball.

Episode 4 of Blue Lock is titled "Premonition & Intuition" and will be released on Saturday, October 29th 2022 on Crunchyroll at 11:00 AM PST. For Japanese fans, the episode will release on TV Asahi. The time of release will change according to location, given its simultaneous release schedule.

With each episode of the series, the Blue Lock regime gets even tougher. The match in the previous episode had been a lesson for Isagi and his whole team. Throughout the episode, Team X has been trying to find the meaning of Ego's words when he says, "creating soccer from zero." In order to maintain their position in the training regime, Isagi and his teammates will have to learn to play together and change their previous strategy of fighting over the ball.

While Team Z tries to prevent itself from falling apart, Team X scores another goal. Isagi notices that Team X has been working excellently because of Barou. Isagi again remembers Ego's words and wonders what he meant. The match is about to finish, and Team X scores five points in total. Bachira passes the ball to Isagi, who further passes it to Kunigami by mistake when Barou blocks him.

Finally, the match comes to an end, and Team X takes the win. Isagi is not happy with his performance and accepts that he lacks as a striker. Back in the locker room, Ego appears on the screen and tries to explain the meaning of his words. Ego ends his speech by saying that victory will be theirs if they manage to use their skills to score.

Blue Lock has slowed down a lot since it's shocking premier one month ago, but has still been trying to set itself apart from other sports anime. The setting remains unique, considering no other show literally locks up its characters and makes their entire lives about playing their sport and cutting them off from the rest of the world. And the stakes, as always, remain high - considering losing in the program ends your international soccer career, forever.

Over the past week, Blue Lock has slipped down a few spots in the Fall Anime Rankings according to MyAnimeList, from the number 6 position it has held since the premier to number 9. Its overall rating is now at 8.28, and while the drop was small, it was enough to let big-name anime like Golden Kamuy pass it up. With 20 more episodes still to go, though, a lot could continue to change in the coming months!

Thankfully, the show remains more unpredictable than that. Even though Ookawa does indeed score the first goal in the match, Isagi figures out that he is not the real problem - it is an unassuming boy named Ikki Niko, who has distinctive bangs covering most of his face. The end of the episode sets up Niko as the main antagonist for next week, and makes things more interesting than just following the same formula again.

As with many sports anime, Blue Lock's main character, Isagi, takes the underdog role. He begins the story as the second-to-last ranked player in the Blue Lock program, and learns quickly that many players are more skilled than him. Four episodes in, his rank has not climbed at all, and he remains an underdog.

However, his total lack of skill and lack of development is growing old. What makes Isagi even less interesting as a lead is that many of the other characters are really intriguing. Each episode since the first one, we have been slowly learning about the other members of Team Z and their quirks and skills. They are really outshining Isagi more and more every episode.

Blue Lock is trying to subvert sports anime tropes, and we hope that it continues to do so. What it intends to do with Isagi remains to be seen, but for now, we are a lot more interested in the other characters and their stories than with him. Though his monster did show up again for a moment this episode, and we have our fingers crossed it is going to show up more prominently soon...

Blue Lock's first episode really stood out this season, full of thrills, psychological tactics, and blood. It drew in a lot of viewers, and made people interested in what was going to come next. Even non-sports anime fans were watching because it was so unusual and thrilling, and you didn't have to like soccer to enjoy Blue Lock.

Blue Lock episode 3 began with Jinpachi and Anri explaining to the strikers the rules of the match between Teams Z and X. Barou, the ace of Team X managed to score a goal immediately after the match commenced, inspiring his teammates. Isagi, Bachira, and Kunigami joined forces to score a goal before the game was over.

Blue Lock episode 4 started with the members of Team Z discussing what their weapons were on the field. Raichi said his specialty was his outstanding technique, Bachira claimed he was a good dribbler, and Kuon said he could jump higher than everyone else. Isagi was asked what his weapon was but he was unable to answer. Chigiri also refused to comment.

Blue Lock episode 4 continued once Isagi headed down to the kitchen to get his meal. The black-haired boy complained about eating natto beans once more. Suddenly, Kunigami appeared beside our hero. The orange-haired young man wanted to thank Isagi for passing the ball in their last game. Kunigami tried to leave, but Yoichi stopped him to ask what his reason for playing soccer was.

Blue Lock episode 4 went on to show that both Team Z and Y were ready to play their match. One of the players from the opposing team, Ohkawa Hibiki, seemed to be the captain. Once the game began, Isagi thought back to the strategy Kuon created for the game. Each player would have ten minutes as the front striker to try and score as many goals as possible.

The opposing team spent most of the game passing the ball around themselves, preventing Isagi and his teammates from acquiring it. The first half of the match was over, so the team took a small break. Once inside the locker room, Raichi began berating his teammates, complaining about Team Y controlling the ball for ten minutes.

Fortunately, Gagamaru was near and managed to score a goal. Niko approached Isagi, commending him for figuring out that he was the real ace of Team Y. Blue Lock episode 4 ended with Isagi and Ikki staring each other down and trying to intimidate each other.

After the disastrous game that transpired last week, Blue Lock episode 4 managed to reignite the flame of egotism inside Isagi and his teammates. Not only are they now working as a team, but they have also managed to find a way for all of them to shine. Fans are in awe of how quickly the boys managed to come together as a team.

Last week's episode saw Isagi's Team Z facing Team Y, as both had gotten off to a rocky start, losing their opening game. With everything at stake, both teams cannot afford to lose. If they do, they can bid farewell to their career as a professional footballer even before their third game begins. 041b061a72


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